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Archana Naik Pengal is a beautiful mother, fantastic daughter, and wife. By profession, she is a senior client manager and does Animal communication which is entirely out of passion. She belongs to a big family of nature and animal communication.

Since her childhood, she has been a huge animal lover. As she grew along with different kinds of pets in her house, she always shared a special connection and bond with them.

She never wholly believed in animal communication until one day when one of her pet plum-headed parakeets flew away, and she contacted an animal communicator to find it. That experience changed her perspective, so after the communication process, she was shocked, but she got convinced that there was some science behind it, so this is how her journey began. Her curiosity and affection for animals brought her into the world of animal communication.

It has almost been a year since she ventured into animal communication, and she said there is just no end to learning as she gets to learn something new every day. It is a beautiful experience, and she believes it’s something everybody can learn.

Her first ever communication was with her friend’s dog, which worked very well. Then she also shared many exciting experiences, like the one where she communicated with 4 cats simultaneously and how she helped to find a lost cat and many more.

She gave some insights about how animal communication works and how it’s very easy to teach kids less than 5 years old because they are more present. They enjoy every moment. They find it easier to connect to any plant or animal. It’s in their nature.

She also spoke about how all the animals live in the present and are pure lovers. They forgive. We, humans, read several religious books or go to many temples, but we never learn one thing: ‘ To forgive.’ The animals teach us by living so close to us to forgive and genuinely forget in a way such that we never recall it.

She believes that animals have so many unique things to tell us. All we have to do is listen to them; that’s it. Everything around us communicates; we humans are so busy with our lives that we never take time out for anything else. If you love animals and nature, you’d be shocked that they have so many things to say and share with you. So, one should venture into animal communication and learn it.

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