Can A Bug Zapper Kill A Cat?
Pet Care Cats

Can A Bug Zapper Kill A Cat – A Complete Guide

Imagine a warm summer evening when you and your beloved feline companion are relaxing in your garden, listening to the peaceful serenade of crickets while feeling the gentle breeze. As the sun sets and darkness envelops the surroundings, you turn on your bug zapper, confident it will keep those pesky insects at bay. However, there […]

persian cats easy to train
Behavioral Cats Pet Parenting

Are Persian Cats Easy to Train?

Persian cats, renowned for their luxurious coats and captivating personalities, are a popular choice among feline enthusiasts. Their charming appearance and sweet temperament make them beloved companions in countless households. However, when it comes to training, the question often arises: Are Persian cats easy to train? Training any cat, including Persians, requires patience, consistency, and

Vegetables Can Dogs And Cats Eat
Pet Parenting Cats Experts

What Vegetables Can Dogs And Cats Eat?

When we consider dogs and cats, we often see their diets predominantly created from meat. Dogs and cats devour flesh; however, they also eat certain greens. As a pet parent, knowing the blessings of a well-rounded weight loss plan is crucial while planning your dog’s meals. The secret is to know which vegetables are appropriate

Cat's Dental Health
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Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Cat’s Dental Health

Cats also have some dental issues. Such as Tartar buildup, gingivitis, cavities, horrific breath, and other dental and oral problems that can afflict cats.  Few cat parents devote much time and effort to their pets’ coats and spend money on cute toys. But, there’s an apparent lack of know-how concerning cat dental troubles. It can

Rajni Chandra's selfless service toward stray animals
Cats Celeb Talks

Rajna Chandra – An avid cat feeder and guardian

Rajni Chandra is from the acting field; she came from Bhiwani, Haryana, to Bombay around 20 – 22 years back. Apart from being an actress, she is a passionate human who loves cats and feeds them since she recognizes their needs and importance. Her efforts are admirable. She owns a cat named Sasha, and because

Top 5 common behavior problems in Cats
Behavioral Cats

Top 5 common behavior problems in Cat

Hey, everyone! What‘s up with you all today? As cat parents, we all know that our agile fur babies can be odd. I was all sniffy about our babies’ behavior. Whether your cat sometimes drives you up the wall. However, you’re likely feeling kind of frustrated if you’re unlucky enough to witness cat behavior problems.

Train your Persian cat: 5 easy tips and tricks
Cats Pet Parenting

Train your Persian cat: 5 easy tips and tricks

There are many tips and tricks to train your gentle cats, so don’t worry about your Persian cats as you know that your Persian cats have their unique personality. They are also a kind of breed that can frustrate you, like scratching the furniture and other stuff, but this will only happen when they are

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