A Professional Nurse Jolly Ann Feeds Stray Cats With Tenderness

Jolly Ann is a nurse by profession and by heart

Jolly Ann is a tender-hearted lady carry a huge heart with lots of love for her tiny furry babies. Jolly is a cat lover, a cat lady in a true sense. Her dedication to her work is what makes her different from other humans. Jolly was a nurse by profession and began feeding stray cats in the past 1.5 years. Her task of feeding stray cats is not easy-going. She has faced many difficulties to date but is bravely continuing her job. Initially, jolly was not affectionate towards cats, but when her minor son brought two cats home, she started getting attached to them. Also, she used to see many cats on her way to the yoga classes, thus blossoming the feeling of doing something for their welfare.

Jolly mentioned that in her path, she confronted many problems, but none of them stopped her from doing her job. Even after financial weakness and not getting support from her own family, she still feeds her cats with the same tenderness and care for them as her kids. Initially, she used to feed only 2-4 cats. Later, gradually this number raised to around 60. She carries out all the expenses incurred from whatever her husband gives her every month from his salary. And, Feeding 60 cats daily is not easy for an ordinary person without any financial support; despite that, she is trying hard to provide her cats with the best food and treatment.

Further, she also spoke about the NGOs; even NGOs refused to help her. Jolly mentioned Rinky ma’am in her interview, who helped her a lot in neutralizing many stray cats and making her dream come true. Besides this, she also said that the local vendors or people in her locality refused her, saying that she should feed needy humans instead of animals as they can manage their meals. But as time passed, observing her spirit, they all started helping and encouraging her.

Some local fish market ladies expressed their feelings towards jolly,” She always keeps all her stuff aside and daily comes here to feed these cats also look after their medical treatments. She is doing an admirable job. We all love her dedication and spirit”.

Jolly shares a unique connection with these small cats, and feeding them gives her a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace. We all should learn from Jolly that whatever comes our way, we should never get demotivated because of downs, but keep trying hard for our dream and focus on the ups.

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