Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a challenging problem. What did you do to solve it?

Share Your Story

We are looking for people who really want to come forward and share their story with us. We are open to all kinds of stories that you may have experienced. Since, Talky Tails is all about sharing information, caring for the animals and the animal lovers, we would really love to hear something that has impacted your life positively. 

The community that we have built have people who have shared stories where the encountered an old dog, an injured cat, an abandoned pet, a mistreated horse, calf, donkey and many others. Through stories we are looking forward to first of all reach out to the masses who even if dont hurt animals but are a little taken aback when it comes to helping them. We are also aiming to share stories through which we could help someone overcome a fear they may have developed in the past years. Also, we are willing to put out a message all out in the open about the people who go out and help the animals without having the agenda of a personal monetary gain, but still do it because they are compassionate to these fellow beings.

The process of sharing your story with us :

  1. You could contact us through our email or any of our social media channel links through our webiste.
  2. You could share your story in brief in any language comfortable or could even send us a voice note if u wish to share a part of the story.
  3. Our team will take down your basic details like email and phone number so that they could contact your regarding the same in the coming 4-5 days.
  4. If you are comfortable we would like to make a video while you share your story and click a photo for social media and Youtube to give you credits for the information you shared.

What will you gain from this:

  1. The sense of satisfaction after you share your story would be really uplifting you and others.
  2. Your social circle would also come to know about your experience and may try to good some too themselves.
  3. Your story might inspire many more to take a step forward and think about the needy animals
  4. You will be a part of our community and several other events that we host for spreading the animal welfare awareness.
  5. Lastly, we are sure that your experience will help other pet lovers who are right now nervous about following what their heart says.