Sapna Awasthi appealed to help the Voiceless Souls
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Feed the needy furry – Singer Sapna Awasthi

Sapna Awasthi is a professional playback singer and animal lover. She came from Lucknow to Mumbai and sang songs for many movies since the 90s. We all know Sapna Awasthi ma’am through her profession as a profound singer, but she is also doing great in her personal life by feeding many stray dogs. She has […]

Which are the Fastest Breeds of Horse?

Which are the Fastest Breeds of Horse?

Horses are always represented as symbols of speed, strength, and power. But the main source of attraction among horses is their speed. Previously horses were mainly owned by royal families for wars and pleasure riding. Simultaneously, they were also ridden for hunting, sports, and traveling. Today I’m going to talk about the fastest breeds of

guru gobind with hawk
Mythological Tales

Know Why Guru Gobind Singh Ji Kept a Baaj

We all know that the eagle is considered the king of all birds. The eagle has many rare features that cannot be found in any other bird. And whatever Guru Gobind Singh Ji also said or did in his life, he did it to teach the Sikhs initiated in the Khalsa Panth. In this way,

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