Warriors for the strays in Covid – Sakshi Parab

Sakshi Parab is a true fighter and a brave, independent woman. The problems she faces daily to save her beloved kids (animals) and how she tackles them are palpable. Sakshi Parab is a true animal lover; despite poor financial conditions and no support, she feeds, gives shelter, and takes care of animals as much as possible.

How people around her behave with these innocent animals is horrible. She saw people throw acid on the dog, bash, beat, or even slit their throats and kill them. She can’t change their mindset and cruel reality, even if she can’t bring immediate changes in her surrounding area for the welfare of these animals. But she is trying hard to protect them from harsh humans. Besides that, during the pandemic period, when it was hard to get a meal for herself, she still arranged food for her kids (animals). Her love for them is noteworthy.

She also mentioned that even PETA and other foundations/trusts of animals didn’t help her to save them and for their treatments. Even her brothers left Sakshi and her mother because they were willing to take care of these animals and wanted to keep them home.

‘People just want fame and popularity but don’t make a single effort for animal welfare,’ Sakshi said disappointingly. Her financial, physical or social weakness never stops her from performing her duty as a human and part of this universe. Society is opposing her and creating hurdles in her path. Despite this, Sakshi always ensures the satisfaction and happiness of her pets. Finally, in her opinion, the government should do something for these little innocent lives. They deserve the right to live peacefully without trouble; some rules should be imposed for their betterment. NGOs and trusts should not only focus on their popularity but also work on the ground level to help needy animals and pet parents willing to take a step ahead towards providing a safe surrounding for stray animals.

We can’t even think of what Sakshi is facing in her daily life, but we can at least appreciate her for showing so much courage and fighting for stray animals without any profit motive.

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