food we can offer to street dogs

What is the Best Food We Can Offer to Street Dogs?

Feeding stray dogs outside your house is a virtue in itself. Once you feed the stray dogs, you can see the happiness in their eyes and face. The stray dogs are as sharp as the western dogs. There needs to be more clarity regarding the food items that should be given to stray dogs. The thing is that you can’t feed anything you like. 

Food objects loaded with sugar can cause the dog’s blood stage to drop and cause liver failure. Likewise, vegetables like onion and garlic are particularly toxic for puppies as they can destroy their crimson blood cells. If you are contemplating feeding them top-rate meals, notice that they are luxurious and can also be disliked with the aid of the dogs. It’s miles due to the fact strays typically thrive on simple foods.

Chapati Dipped in Milk

Street puppies enjoy Chapatis, which can be dipped in milk. Even though numerous theories recommend chapati can be allergic to dogs, street dogs appear to enjoy it without any trouble. The milk flavour entices almost all the puppies.

Before feeding, ensure that the chapatis are clean and do not incorporate ghee. It is because dogs are not that suitable for saturated fats. Plain Chapatis can be best for them.

Milk and Water

Consider giving them milk diluted with water if you see stray puppies outdoors. The leading cause that milk is to be diluted with water is that puppies have various ranges of lactose intolerance. With a bit of water combined, it becomes secure for road dogs to consume.

Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are one of the excellent ingredients you may feed stray dogs. They are a rich source of protein and help build incredible muscle and strength within the puppies. You’ll be amazed that most dogs could be eager to devour the boiled eggs After you bring them in front of them. There are rarely any dogs there who dislike eggs.


food we can offer to street dogs

Biscuits that are without sugar and safe for dogs to devour. Many humans feed the strays biscuits with subtle sugar, which can also decrease the canine’s health. Search for affordable canine biscuits which might be made solely for the dog. They encompass the best elements which might be less complicated for the puppies to digest.

Fish and Rice

food we can offer to street dogs

Many fish dealers reject many parts of the fish as waste. You can approach them and can even get these portions at no cost. At the same time as feeding fish to the dogs, be cautious of keeping apart the bones as they could get caught inside the dog’s throat.

Preparing dinner for the fish before providing it to the stray will be exceptional as uncooked fish encompass harmful microorganisms like salmonella and listeria. These microorganisms can make the dog ill.

Leftover Restaurant Foods

The neighbourhood restaurants near your home may have a lot of leftover rice and meat daily. They may offer them at a low rate. After that, it can feed the puppies. Many butcher shops every day are left with butchered animal waste meat, specifically referred to as ‘chant’ in Hindi. This is because most customers discard many organs and skin of the animal after they buy meals, and the owners have to throw them away.


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