procedure for travelling by train with a dog in India

What is The Procedure for Travelling by Train With a Dog in India?

Dogs and cats can be great companions, But unfortunately, many people have to leave their four-legged friends behind when they plan holidays or go on work trips. Separation anxiety is natural for pets and can be heartbreaking for their humans. 

If you are uncomfortable leaving your dog behind in a pet hostel or with a family member, consider taking them along! Yes, it is possible to take your pet on trains by following some procedures and rules by Indian Railways.

Indian Railways is one of the best transport to carry your pets for longer distances. It is safe and affordable, has easy laws and allows pets.

The Procedure of Travelling by Train With a Dog

Book the 1st class AC ticket (Cabin – 4 seats or coupe – 2 seats) as per your requirement. 

Make a copy of your confirmed tickets and write a letter of request to the chief reservation officer of the station from which you will be boarding.

  • Submit the application 
  • Complete all your pet vaccinations and keep the vaccination card ready. Your pet must have a fitness certificate from the vet 24 to 48 hours before the trip. 
  • You will get the Cabin/Coupe confirmation almost 4 hrs before the departure time. 
  • On confirmation of the same, reach at least 2 hours before departure and go to the parcel office and show them your tickets, vaccination cards, and fitness certificate of your pet. 
  • Carry photocopies of all the documents, your ticket and one photo ID proof and ask them to book your pet; they will weigh your pet and ask you to pay standard parcel charges. (It’s about 60/kg for the pet)
  • Food and water 

The Pets eat fairly less on the journey than they eat at home. You can keep some dry food and water. Make sure they have some chew sticks or bones to keep them occupied.

  • Pets usually get stressed during travelling, so they don’t eat or drink much. If your pets are well-trained, they do not dirty their surroundings. Check for stations with halts and then take them on a walk whenever the train stops at the stations. 
  • Carry basic cleaning materials & Do a little cleaning for the next passenger who boards.

If you aren’t able to book the first class AC, then there is a brake van.

  • In brake van.

There’s a small cage in the brake van. You can put your dog in that cage, paying the luggage charge.


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