pet-friendly places in India

Which are the Most Pet-Friendly Places in India?

We know how bad it would be to say goodbye to your beloved pet before going on vacation. Pet parents want to take their pets out for lunch, weekends, holidays, etc. We know how difficult travelling with your pet can be because it is inconvenient. As a result, individuals either leave their pet with a family member or hire a pet boarding service.

It is unnecessary because many tourist spots now allow pets to accompany visitors. Travelling with your pets helps them to enhance nature and makes them learn and grow. It helps your dog to go in a different environment. 


Goa is one of India’s most exciting tourist destinations, with its nightlife, culture, cuisine, and stunning beaches. Goa can be said as India’s mini-paradise, even more so when it comes to your pet. Many homestays in Goa allow and encourage pet-friendly vacations. To top it off, Arco Iris, one of Goa’s beautiful homestays, is one of the few places in India that serves to support pet-friendly vacations.


Delhi, known as India’s capital, is also a pet-friendly place. The whole city of Delhi is a treasure trove with roots ranging back to the Mughal Empire. Delhi is the composition of rich heritage, monuments, (moments) the fast pace of life and bustling streets & back alleys. The Deer Park Villa is located in Safdarjung Enclave, one of the affluent areas in Delhi. This makes it an ideal spot for your furry friend to enjoy the outdoors. 


Puducherry is a little town on the southern coast of India. The place is composed of french architecture, tree-lined areas, buildings and beaches etc. This place is one of the most pet-friendly areas associated with nature and animals. The pet-friendly Dune Eco Village and Spa, an exciting artist hotel, is the icing. It is the best place for you and your four-legged companion. 


It is a place which is situated in Rajasthan, with hills and sand surrounding it. It is located on the bank of Pushkar lake. It comprises bustling prayers, bells, drums, and devotional songs from numerous temples. In Pushkar’s main town, the Foothills Camp provides pet-friendly accommodations within a ten-minute drive.


It is a place situated in Tamilnadu, and it is a hilly region. It is the best place to chill and unwind in the summertime. It is also a pet-friendly place where you can travel with your furry friend. The site is covered with a lake, hills and a valley. The Farm Resort offers pet-friendly accommodations where your pet may run and make friends with other farm animals. The farm is enriched with horses, cows, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, geese, and dogs.


It is one of the most beautiful states in south India. It comprises a layered landscape, waterfalls, a wildlife reserve and a cool hill station. It is a famous tourist place for many Indians. There is a farm in Kerala known as Greenex, composed of a coffee farm and a resort. It has accommodations, and you can do various activities like a campfire, swimming, cycling, trekking etc. Your pet can enjoy nature and have friends around the place. 


It is composed of Ganges ghats, tranquil rivers, camping and seeing a million stars cluttering the night sky. Bulls retreat a pet-friendly resort in Rishikesh. It allows your pets to room and plays around the green grass.


It is said to be the queen of the hill station and provides the best view of the green Doon valleys and the white-capped Himalayan peaks. This tourist place is widely prevalent among honeymooners, youth and older adults. It is one of the few pet-friendly places in India. As a pet-friendly hotel, you can enjoy the scenery while exercising your dogs.


It is one of the most adventurous places and one of the few pet-friendly places in India. The hotel provides and overlooks the beautiful Beas valley and offers mesmerising views. The place is named for trekking, too and offers delicious and lip-smacking home-cooked meals. 


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