Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a challenging problem. What did you do to solve it?

In this interview, we are going to have a look at a typical middle-class lady who is doing an excellent job for stray animals. Lata Namdev Gaikwad resides in Goregaon, near the Oshiwara industry.

Lata Ji cannot see any animal in pain; whenever she finds any animal injured or starving from hunger, she brings them home, feeds them, gives them the necessary treatment, and keeps them with her. Her home doesn’t have many rooms, but she sure does have a huge heart and love for these animals. She gets very disappointed when she sees people beating animals, throwing water at them, abandoning tiny babies, or when she sees a voiceless animal die because of thirst and hunger. In her opinion, such people who mistreat animals must be punished for their deeds. “If you don’t feed them, then who gave you the right to beat them,” she said with anger.

In addition to these, she also said when we have sick people at home, we treat them; why don’t we treat animals that way? I have observed people don’t sterilize their pets, and when they give birth to many babies, they leave them to die on the roads. If you want a pet animal, keep them as your family members, or don’t have one.”

Her dream is to give these legged friends a good shelter where they won’t face any problems and live peacefully. She can’t give them a luxurious shelter, cozy beds, and toys to play with, but she always ensures they get food to fill their belly and care for the love they deserve the most.

She faces many problems, whether they are financial, personal, or from society, but all these issues have never stopped her from helping needy animals. We need more kind hoomans like Lata Ji to create love and compassion for these innocent animals in our society.

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