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Why Do You Have a Dog Licence? 

It’s a verification and identification method in which the authorities become aware of your canine, ensure it’s fully vaccinated and healthy, and provide it with its own identity. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (the BBMP) will soon make dog licensing mandatory in Bangalore.

If you are a dog proprietor, be prepared to get a dog licence to keep your pet; in any other case, the municipal agency will capture your pet. In line with the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), you must have a licence to preserve a dog. So far, people have ignored this rule, so the enterprise is now being strict. Your pet will most likely be seized if you do not have a licence. 

It is mandatory to obtain permission for puppy dogs issued by a municipal agency.

Authority below Section 14, Rule Quantity 22(a), Sub-Claws 386 below Maharashtra Municipal and Provincial Act.

The Following Documents Are Required to Obtain a Licence

1. Residential proof

2. A passport-size photograph of a dog in three copies (state-of-the-art)

3. photostat copy of vaccination card (vaccinated against rabies disease)

4. The applicable charges are Rs. 75/- for new and Rs. 50/- for use.

Renewal of licence In late cases, a pleasant Rs. 10/- is applicable. 

A Photocopy of the vaccination card should indicate the owner’s full name, address and cell/contact number, and name of the Doctor or organisation/clinic of the Doctor who vaccinated the Pet animals.

Also, details of the vaccine, like the date of vaccination, name of the vaccine, batch no. & the expiry date of the vaccine and the due date for the same vaccination, should be indicated.

Vaccination against Rabies is a prerequisite to obtaining dog-licence in the interest of Public and Animal Health. 

Dog – licence for Pet animals will be issued a maximum within six working days after acceptance of proper documents and necessary fees applicable.

Dog- Badge is not issued along with License. A photo of a pet animal is attached to the licence, and a vaccination card and one photo are retained with the office as an office copy.

In the future, it is proposed to inject a microchip into the animal’s body to maintain the details of the animal as a permanent record. 


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