How to introduce a new pet at home

How to introduce a new pet at home

Hey, hoomans! Many of you may have questions about introducing a new pet at home. Introducing a new pet at home can be stressful or existing. Pets need time to adjust to a new environment. A pet that is playful and active at the shelter can be scared in a new environment. We can’t predict their behavior; thus, we should spend time with them and let them take their time to get comfortable with their surrounding. Below are a few tips to help introduce a new pet at home. 

Let them take time – whether you bring a cat, dog, or any other pet animal home, let them take their time to adjust to the surrounding. Let them sniff objects, places, and people in your family. Don’t force your new member to play with you or don’t force them to do any activity immediately after coming home.

Bring your pet home when you are well prepared – you should be prepared before welcoming your new furry friend home. You should bring all the needed things such as a food bowl, bedding, litter box, toys, and other essentials. Also, get some basic information about the breed you are willing to adopt. This will help you to understand your pet in a better way. 

If you have an existing pet – Pets have a great sense of interpreting the world around them with the help of smells. If you have an existing pet and bring another new one, then first make them familiar with each other’s smell by exchanging their beddings. Please provide them with separate food bowls, toys, and bedding. A separate food bowl and litter box will not give them the feeling of competition. Also, don’t force them to accept each other let them take their time to accept each other’s existence. Don’t punish them for fighting, hissing, or growling at each other this behavior is common in the initial stage. In such situations, please keep them in different rooms. Punishing your pet may result in; a bad feeling between your pets and can create more aggression for each other. 

Spend enough time with your pet – spend plenty of time with your new friend; this will help them get familiar with things and other members. Also, this will help to make a strong bond between you and your pet. 

Give lots of attention, love, and reassurance – give lots of love and attention to both pets. Your initial pet will require more love and attention; this will not make them feel insecure. Also, you must reassure your new pet to make them comfortable with the environment and remove fear from their mind.

Above all are the tips that will help you introduce your new pet at home. But no one can tell you the approx time they will require to adjust themselves with your family. This depends on the pet itself. As I said before, don’t force your little friend for anything; let them take their time to adapt to changes. Forcing and punishing can lead to stress and depression among pets. In the end, I’ll suggest that the best way to know your pet is by spending quality time with them and caring for and loving them. 

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