Vijay Menon Believes Feeding Animals Gives You Similar Feeling As That Of Family Members

Strays are family too if you just care for them enough – Vijay Menon

Vijay Menon is a businessman with the heart of an activist, looking after many dogs in his locality and working for them with a feeling of humanity and not a profit motive. After getting shifted in his society in April 2000, he has been doing the job of feeding dogs continuously without any pause. Today, Vijay has 42 dogs on the society’s campus altogether. In the past few years, he made a group of people willing to do something for stray animals and try to collect funds for them. Vijay mentioned Shankar, who looks after these cuties in his absence. As every social activist gets objections, Vijay has also gotten opposed by some people from the campus to date.

He also made small tags for these dogs to recognize whether they are from their society or outsiders to ensure their strength. Vijay mentioned their native place Kerala where everyone coexists peacefully with animals. In his suggestion, everyone should adopt the habit of coexisting with other living beings on this planet, whether they are animals, birds, or plants. Looking after animals were part of his upbringing, and he was thus willing to do something for these innocent lives in the present time. He also fed and kept 2 water containers at the start and end of every wing.

Doing this daily task makes him feel connected and attached to these dogs. In his opinion, God created everyone with a purpose, and feeding animals and looking after their happiness is what God created him for. Vijay thinks, “What you give comes back to you in double.” He is working daily very hard to provide however possible on his behalf and unconditionally gets in return from these four-legged angles.

Furthermore, he also spoke about the government; as far as he observed, the government does nothing for stray animals and pulling out the expense for their vaccinations, food, and other needs is a big task. “The government should work on animal protection and make rigid rules and regulations for their welfare. The police stations are not ready to accept FIR; even if the case goes to court, they hardly charge 50-100 Rs as a fine from the culprit, which any layman can afford and hence they don’t have any fear and behave cruelly with animals,” said Vijay Menon.

Vijay’s objective is to offer the dogs of his proper society shelter, food, and medical aid and to create affection for strays among other society households. Simultaneously he wants to broaden up his team, who could take care of these animals in his absence. Doing these daily satisfies his soul; there is the same feeling we get when we feed our family members.

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