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If you want to feed your dog healthy foods rather than regular dog food, Keep in mind that you prefer elements that are low in salt and fats, as this could cause excessive thirst and belly problems in dogs.

  • Avoid extra sodium and fat, which can cause excessive thirst and stomach trouble.
  • The goal for a stable combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates
  • Keep in mind any allergies or special dietary requirements your dog may have. 

Here is the Food You Can Feed Your Dog From Your Fridge


Bananas are a healthy, low-calorie treat for dogs. The banana is a good source of potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fibre, magnesium, and manganese. Additionally, they are low in sodium and cholesterol.

Veterinarians sometimes recommend bananas over salty, fatty treats. Moderation is vital; not giving more than half of a banana to a large dog per day. For small dogs, only feed them a couple of small slices daily to avoid any digestive upset.


Blueberries make a great low-calorie treat for dogs. Antioxidants, fibre, and vitamins C and K are also found in blueberries. In addition to supporting the immune system, these nutrients contribute to overall health.


Broccoli contains various essential vitamins, minerals, nutrition, potassium, and a healthy diet. These nutrients can do wonders for a dog’s coronary heart health, bone density, and immune system.


Chewing on carrots can also improve your dog’s dental health. Carrots are a first-rate supply of vitamin A, potassium, and fibre, among other nutrients.

Cooked Boneless Lean Meat (Chicken or Turkey)

It contains vitamins and minerals in addition to amino acids. This will sell good fitness, enhance your puppy’s immune gadget, and help with any food regimen.

Plain Boiled Rice

One of the reasons white rice is the selected grain for a canine with an upset stomach is that it’s easy to digest, quick to prepare, and low in fibre.

Peanut Butter

Most peanut butter is safe for puppies to consume, and in moderation, peanut butter may be an excellent supply of protein and healthful fat, vitamins B and E, and niacin.


They may also be rich in protein (which is why they’re regularly included in commercial dog food) and excessive in fibre. Peas contain lutein, an antioxidant that is good for the skin,  heart, and eyes.

Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are perfectly safe for dogs, and eggs are a first-rate source of nutrition for your canine companion. They may be excessive in protein, vitamins, and fatty acids that help your dog internally and externally.


It also has dietary advantages. It is an excellent supply of protein, carbohydrates, linoleic acid, and antioxidants.


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