G.O.K Group assures no animal should sleep without food and care

Tarun Advani is an engineer by profession and he works on electrical projects, he also runs a frozen food business and is an active member of the group God’s Own Kind.

He has been actively involved with animal welfare since 2003. Earlier, he only used to feed the stray dogs of his society but now, he looks after the stray dogs on the streets as well.

When he started taking care of stray animals he came across many accidental and cruel cases and a quick thought crossed his mind that there might be several such cases that remain unattended after which he realized that it is not possible to be done just by one person so he decided to get into it completely, so Tarun along with other like-minded feeders in his locality formed a group known as the G.O.K. or the ‘God’s Kind’ where they took an oath that whenever anyone of them comes to know that an animal is ill or has any other issue they will take its responsibility and aims to help it in any way.

The members of this group arrange vaccination drives for stray animals. They also take care of medication, hospitalization, and whatever is necessary. They also get them neutered. The group regularly feeds the Strays but on special occasions such as someone’s birthday, or anniversary they arrange a special feeding drive to celebrate, by going to feed them in person.

There are around 35-40 members in this group at the Lokhandwala Complex. So, any one of the group’s feeders feeds stray animals in every society or every area. There is a sure supply of food at least once a day from their end. The members of the group keep in touch with each other in regard to this matter. If someone becomes aware of any accident or distress case in any area they immediately contact the hospitals or the NGOs which coordinate with them. They get the animals treated there with care and take responsibility.

Ms. Tuhina tosh (one of the members of GOK) revealed how Old age dogs have their own challenges every day. Some of them either have renal failure or a kidney issue. So, every day they make fresh food for them, which provides medication, and stuff like that.

The group faces a lot of difficulties and challenges on a regular basis as Many people in society object to them feeding the dogs as they don’t like this. Many times they say that the dogs create a nuisance and the children are also frightened of them, but they assure them every time that the dogs have been vaccinated and sterilized and that if people will give them something to eat to fill their hungry stomachs they won’t harm anybody.

They have learned the technique to deal with people who create problems, they just calmly explain to them why all this is necessary and how the existence of animals is an asset for us humans and not a liability.

sometimes they also get supported. Some people acknowledge that the work they do is great and this motivates them to keep going.

Tarun believes that animals don’t get attached to just any human, God has given dogs and other animals an instinct on the basis of which they only go to those people who they feel won’t harm them and where they will be cared for.

Tuhina Tosh requested all the parents that please don’t teach kids things like ‘Don’t touch. Don’t go near animals’ because some parents tell very scary sort of stories to their kids. They say, ‘Don’t go or ‘Don’t touch them. They are diseased. They are dirty.’ she gave a wonderful message that animals are living beings like us. They have as much right as we do to live. So, they should also get to enjoy everything.

Tarun shared an interesting story about how several children in the society who can’t keep pets in their house bring their parents to his shop in the evening to spend time with the cats and play with them. And how the parents get surprised to see how easily they become friendly with their kids and about 3-4 times a week, those kids bring new friends with them and invite them to play with cats at the shop.

He even suggested people adopt stray animals as they give the same amount of love as compared to any breed and also because If you can involve your kids now as much as you can it will be good for their future. Their approach toward life becomes a lot different.

Ms. Chandni Gurnani (one of the members of GOK) said that the most important thing in life is peace of mind and said she gets a peculiar peace of mind after feeding the stray animals and taking care of them.

They think they still have a lot to do as members of the group. What they want is for the people, especially of the Kandivali Lokhandwala Society to understand that these animals also have a life of their own to live. They also have their own needs and they require a space of their own.

They believe that the one above sends them signals ‘Live for them, take care of them and they just do the deeds.

These people are the perfect example of teamwork and dedication. Through them, we can learn how teamwork can make the dream work.

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