How to Help Your Pet to Deal With Separation Anxiety

Pet parents often complain that their dogs are disruptive or destructive when alone. They may have to deal with their dogs urinating, defecating, barking, howling, chewing, digging, or trying to escape. Dogs with these problems often need to be taught polite house manners.

 When the pet parents prepare to leave, some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and become agitated. Others seem anxious or depressed before their pet parent’s departure or when their pet parent isn’t present. Separation anxiety is treated by teaching the dog to enjoy or tolerate being left alone to resolve the dog’s underlying anxiety.

Prepare in Advance

Reset your pet’s body clock according to your work timings. Take your dog for a walk and feed them accordingly. 

Make them Comfortable

If your pets spend most of their time in your room, you can set up a crate with toys they love. You can leave a clothing item of yours, or probably a bed sheet you both use there, as they find the smell comforting. 

Set up Toilet Pads

Training pads can be helpful if you live in an apartment and your pets have no access to open space. They are easy to discard, so you can place them in one corner if your pets need to relieve themselves. 

Try Automatic Dispensers

Food and water dispenser, which can be controlled through your phone, can come in handy when you’re at work, as you won’t have to worry about pets overeating or going hungry.

Don’t Make a Deal About Leaving or Coming Back Home

It is best not to make a big deal about leaving because it may be more likely your dog will become anxious about being left behind. Also, try to greet your pet calmly when you return home to avoid overreaction. Waiting to shower them with love till they’ve calmed down helps reduce the emotion of you leaving and returning. 

Distract Before You Leave

Give your dog a food puzzle, chew toy or toy before you leave. This will keep them mentally stimulated while you are gone. This will reduce their chances of chewing on furniture and shoes. It will teach them that your leaving night is a good experience!


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