Learn to Communicate with your pets with Swati Marhia – Animal Communicator

Swati Marhia is a proud pet parent and a practising Animal communicator apart from that she is a wonderful wife who also helps her husband in their restaurant business. This is her story of how she became an Animal communicator. 

Her journey started when she adopted a dog named clumsy and slowly and gradually she started observing him like what’s going on in his mind and his behaviour etc. Then she watched a movie in which she got to know about the profession of animal communicator for the first time. That there exists a thing like an animal communicator and that’s when she became extremely intrigued towards this particular thing called animal communicator and that animals can talk and hear you as well! That was something very different and exciting for her.

So she started practising where she used to figure out whether what she is listening to is correct or not, she used to communicate with her friend’s pets or pets in her society and from there she realized that this is all true and this is what she wants to do.

She also revealed the language that animals speak or understand, so basically they understand the language of the heart. In fact, animals talk to each other through telepathic communication. Every animal communicator has a different way of communicating with animals and She uses multiple techniques like telepathic communication, meditative technique etc. 

She has been practising for the past 2 and a half years now and she shared many of her experiences like her most memorable one where she helped to save the life of a dog who had something in his stomach which was not detectable and stopped eating or drinking and was on the verge to death.

 In one incident where a cat left her house and when Swati communicated with her she found out that the cat left for mating and she will be back home in 3 days and she actually came back, and many such incidents.

She said that communicators don’t require the body of an animal to communicate because they communicate with the soul of the animal. She also shared a very interesting story where she communicated with a dog’s soul who died and went to live in a spirit world and that’s possible to do because animals have their own spirit world, it’s a very different world.

She wants to spread awareness to all pet parents that animals derive a lot of their personality traits from us, humans, So there are two things in animals, especially pets which we should know about them. One is their own personality and the second one is their second personality as in when they come to live with us they gradually start mirroring our personalities. So we should act appropriately in order for our pet to do the same. 

She also gave a wonderful message where she requested everyone to never buy a pet from a shop instead adopting from an NGO/SHELTER is a better option because you are giving a good life to the one who actually needs you. and how adopting an Indie breed is a smart choice. 

She believes that the way we humans have the right to eat, drink, to live a good life, animals have the same right. So if we want to co-exist together, we have to respect each other.

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