Rachna and Mahesh – Animal lover couple goals!!

Rachna and Mahesh are an adorable couple and true animal lovers. They share a special bond with these small animals. They show their love by feeding them and looking after them. Initially, Rachna was not fond of animals, but on the other hand, Mahesh has loved animals for as long as he can remember. They expressed their feelings that how animals are way better than us humans.

According to Mahesh, animals never differentiate according to someone’s financial status or physical appearance as we humans do. They never overthink; they are neither greedy nor materialistic. We, humans, get influenced by the behaviour of other humans with us, but these furry friends will always love you whether you are sad, angry, or happy. Loving animals and spending time with some is something beyond meditation as it detoxifies your mind from evil thoughts and fills you with love.

On the other hand, Rachna was not fond of animals; she mentioned that she used to cry even if she saw a dog far away. But, when she grew up a bit older, someone gifted her a puppy, and because of her pet, she started loving animals. As a result, she loves animals and catches hold of those terrible people who are cruel to these animals. For example, she has observed many people who kick dogs without any reason; some humans have just wicked minds.

Rachna also suggested that government should look after the sterilization of stray dogs and cats as controlling their population is also essential. Rachna and Mahesh are a perfect couple, and we need more people like them to do better for animal welfare.

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