Aradhana Uppal – Desire Unbiased Love? Love Animals!!

Aaradhna is an actress by profession and a passionate animal lover. Aaradhna noticed that her bond with animals had been enhanced at home or even with stray animals since practicing yoga. They can feel the tenderness she has for them. So when Aaradhna was uncomfortable with humans because of their behaviors, she started loving these animals. And gradually, she observed that animals don’t filter their love according to someone’s financial status, caste, or beliefs. And started sharing unconditional love with them. So daily, 5-6 cats come to her home; she feeds and cares for them.

People feeding and treating injured animals are doing a Nobel act and what every person should do. Furthermore, she shared her experience at Faridabad when her dad was on his deathbed. There she saw that even if you call any stray dog, they are terrified because people throw stones at them and behave cruelly. The dogs were so scared and couldn’t trust easily. However, people living there have a very different mentality. “I understand you are scared; my mom is also scared of dogs, but it doesn’t mean you’ll hurt them only because they can’t speak. I don’t know from where they bring this anger and cruelness,” she said unhappily. In addition, Aaradhna made an honest request to stop behaving harshly toward animals. They can’t speak or explain what the truly need. Kindness is the core value of humans; show some love for them.

Then, we should serve someone to make them smile for their well-being. Nothing is more satisfying and impressive than seeing someone happy because of us.

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