Rajna Chandra – An avid cat feeder and guardian

Rajni Chandra is from the acting field; she came from Bhiwani, Haryana, to Bombay around 20 – 22 years back. Apart from being an actress, she is a passionate human who loves cats and feeds them since she recognizes their needs and importance. Her efforts are admirable. She owns a cat named Sasha, and because of Sasha, she also started observing other stray cats.

She was unaware of the needs of cats, and she somehow felt guilty for them. But when she started observing them, she realized that even though cats need food, they also get a cough and cold and suffer tremendous pain due to injuries or disease. And this realization gave her the thought of feeding stray cats as much as possible. Rajni has had 5 cats at her home and many other furry kids outside. She never fails to execute her job; she goes downstairs to feed them and looks after them if they are in need, like check-ups from the vet, treatments or medications.

She expressed her feelings and said that she feels satisfied when she sees cats eating food and moving around her. In her opinion, we should all treat animals like humans. We should not just throw food on the ground; instead, keep it on some paper or some paper plate. Even they deserve clean and hygienic food like us.

Her dream is to provide a shelter where these stray animals can come and rest if injured and they could revive themselves here. Further, she also gave a humble message: please do not bring pets for fun and do not treat them like toys or something you can show off in your circle. They need attention, care, and love; treat them as your family members, or don’t bring one. Moreover, she requested that everyone try feeding animals; the sense of satisfaction you get from feeding animals is something that just can’t be explained.

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