Reshma Shelatkar is making society compassionate towards strays!

Reshma Shelatkar is a single woman living and looking after her lovely mother, who is 76 years old. She is an animal activist and a social reformer too. She has been doing her work for the past 20 years now. Reshma is a passionate girl; she is why animals in her locality live happily without any trouble.

She works day and night for animal welfare, especially stray animals. She expresses her views on how ardently she wants to bring reforms in our society for animals and give them an environment where they can live peacefully. She can’t see any furry angel suffering; she also looks after many injured, blind cats at her home. She feeds all the little cats in her area and looks after their medical aid. Her vision is much broader than only feeding stray animals. She aims to create coexistence, compassion, and harmony among the society for stray animals.

Reshma, from her childhood, was very affectionate towards cats as she belongs to a family where everyone is a passionate animal lover. However, when everyone worldwide was stuck at home because of the pandemic, things were not the same for Reshma. She continued her duty. Many people abandoned their pets, as there was a rumor that Corona could affect animals and spread through them. She took responsibility for many homeless cats and helped them to survive. Besides, many people advised her not to keep cats at her home during the pandemic as she lived with her mother. But with the blessings of her four-legged angels, neither her mother nor Reshma got infected by Corona even once.

She also mentioned that even the local vendors support her. They provide shelter and water and inform her if they find an injured or abandoned cat. Some shopkeepers also managed to secure areas where these animals sit and rest peacefully in front of their shops. This act shows that her aim to bring coexistence and compassion between humans and animals is succeeding.

Further, she also requested that don’t leave cats in fish markets because, despite getting the food, they eat thrones and leftover garbage and get infected, which is why they die brutally.

In her view, all animals are souls moving around in different forms; they need to be loved like us. Her dedication to her aim is praiseworthy. As she said, this universe has chosen her for these animals, and she is proving it right daily.

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