Top 5 myths about Rabbits

Hello, pet lovers! Today let’s learn more about the cute, chubby pet most of us own, rabbits. Today I’m going to tell you about the myths most of us have about them. Many people have different misconceptions regarding their diet, medical care, etc., but today I will discuss the top 5 myths about rabbits. This will help you greatly if you consider adopting one and can keep you prepared.  

Here you see the top 5 myths about rabbits

Rabbits eat only carrots.

The most common myth is rabbits eat only carrots. For this, we can blame the cartoons we used to watch in childhood. But the truth is carrots and other fruits are high in sugar and carbohydrates and thus need to be given as treats or in limited amounts. It can lead to an upset digestive system. A balanced diet should include leafy vegetables, pellets, and hay. Rather than carrots, it would help if you gave hay as regular food to your rabbit. 

Rabbits are stinky and need to bathe at least once a month

Many people think rabbits are dirty and stinky animals, but rabbits are similar to cats at this point as they always clean themselves. Also, they are self-grooming mammals. Another fact is that you should never give a bath to your rabbit; this can lead to shock or hypothermia. Rabbits can also be litter trained like dogs and cats so they can be kept clean. But still, if you think you can clean their butt with a wet cloth and dry it with a towel immediately. 

Low maintenance

Most of us believe that rabbits can be kept in cages the whole day and don’t need much attention, but unlike other small pets (hamster, gerbil), rabbits need much more work. Although they don’t need to take walks daily like dogs, they are high-maintenance pets. Rabbits need a lot of exercises, their quarters should be clean enough, and they should have a balanced diet of washed dark leafy veggies. Rabbits also need regular veterinarian check-ups, which becomes more complicated as veterinarians skilled in rabbits are difficult to find.

Love to live outside 

Most rabbit owners have the myth that their pets can be kept outside the house as animals love to be free rather than have continuous interactions. But the truth is that rabbits kept outdoors in lawns or backyards are more unsafe because of pesticides, predators, and extreme weather. They should be kept indoors with your family members as they need interaction; this will make them feel safe. Also, they like to be warm rather than cold like other mammals. 

Rabbits don’t need vaccinations. 

Indoor rabbits don’t need vaccination, and yearly check-ups or no check-ups from the vet are ok with rabbits is a big myth among all the top 5 myths. Rabbits also need vaccinations like dogs, cats, and other pet animals. All pets get ill, need a strong immune system, and are needed to be protected from disease; thus, vaccination is important for rabbits indoors or outdoors. 

All the top 5 myths are the most neglected part by pet owners with rabbits. So if you want a cute, chubby, healthy, and active rabbit as your pet, you must debunk all the myths and treat them as your family member. Give them attention and take utmost care of your pet. 

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