Train your Persian cat: 5 easy tips and tricks

There are many tips and tricks to train your gentle cats, so don’t worry about your Persian cats as you know that your Persian cats have their unique personality. They are also a kind of breed that can frustrate you, like scratching the furniture and other stuff, but this will only happen when they are not addressed to some good qualities when they were your sweet little kitten. So in this blog, I have discussed some easy tricks and tips to train Persian cat.

5 easy tricks and tips to train Persian cat.


Training them is some serious work for Persian cats, but every problem has a unique solution, and your solution should be treated here. Bribing can be one solution for becoming a habit for your cats. Look, some good habits come with some behavior, and bribing to train can be effective, so don’t hesitate to bribe at first, but once you feel that your cat knows, your trick limits it. As we know, your cat is one of the lazy breeds; it will need some food and likes to get what you want.


This tip is for you; as you should know, giving someone too much attention is like letting them dance on your head. The same thing will happen will you try to play with your Persian cats. I’m not saying I don’t play with her; you can play with her, but once she bits you or scratches you, you should hold your hand still till your cat finishes biting you, then you should take your hand away and then DONT give her attention at the most 15-20 min she will be away from you then she will be like play with me I won’t bit now.


As we all love to do these and it is part of our habit to greet someone, we give our hand to the cat and expect to do the same. It is a difficult job to do, so do this if you wish to train.

Subsequently, attempt to put the treat over her head and raise it gradually, so she needs to get it by arriving at it with her paws. Then, at that point, When she does the activity, you ought to rapidly give her a high five and a prize. Notwithstanding, give up on no undesirable behavior your feline could use to get the treat.


Call your cat by her name with a bunch of treats close by. Use a delicate voice. Do not be astonished if she doesn’t answer whenever you first call out to her. She might require a couple of redundancies to conform to hearing it.

It might assist with setting the treat on the ground before many you call out to her. It will help her to go to you when you call her name.

Reward her quickly with a treat when she answers her name being called. Felines stand out ranges, so a quick prize is essential to assist her with understanding what you are compensating her for.

Compensating your feline with a treat each time she answers her name could transform her into a giant kitty. Please get rid of the treats slowly as she answers more dependably to her name. Begin the decline at 75% of the time. From that point, go to half, then 30%, then, at that point, just occasionally.


Whenever you need to prepare or train your Persian cat, it’s generally applicable to an unrestrained movement like “sit.” Get a treat, hold it over its head or her ears, and delicately move it towards the tail. The feline will be obliged to sit to check what you have. Tell her she’s made an ideal showing and gives her an award whenever she does this activity. Then, at that point, you ought to continue doing likewise more than once. 

Additional tip- litter train your cat

  • Buy a new litter box for your kitty if you have other cats at your home. It would be beneficial if you bought two boxes.
  • Please place them in places where your cat gets some private space rather than placing them in a room where your family members spend more time. This will make your cat feel unsafe. 
  • Show the litter box as soon as you bring your new family member home and make them sit in the box to sniff and examine it properly. 
  • Whenever you notice your kitty using the litter box, reward them. 
  • Treats and praise them. 
  • Don’t keep replacing the place of the box. 
  • Don’t scold or punish your furry friend if you are not using the box; this will only result in stress and anxiety. 

Over time, attempt to present the verbally expressed request “sit” and keep away from the treat snare. On the off chance that the feline can now sit when you request that she get it done, you can help her remain on her rear legs to utilize a similar strategy. However, ensure the food is sufficiently high over your feline’s head and urge her to remain to get it. So natural, right? Furthermore, be cautious about your fingers since the feline’s teeth are sharp.

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