Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a challenging problem. What did you do to solve it?

Kanchan Pandurang is the founder of KGF (Kanchan’s Global Foundation). Her willingness to help animals and love for them inspired her to start a whole foundation for them. In her interview, she expresses how satisfying she finds her work.

Professionally she was working in media and living a perfect life. But things changed when she found a stray dog. That dog was suffering from skin disease, and no doctor was ready to treat him despite Kanchan being prepared to bear all his expenses. That was Kanchan’s turning point; this incident was very heartbreaking for her. Unfortunately, “Khujli,” the dog’s name, died but left Kanchan with a spirit to help other needy animals fighting to live. 

KGF was started 8 months ago in a 4000 square ft. area to help stray dogs and cats to help them live happy and healthy life. She rescues and treats many homeless animals suffering from various problems. In her journey, many supporting hands are giving her a push to accomplish her aim. Archana, Prachi, Monika, Dr Rane, and Dr Vipin Shukla are the names mentioned by her, and many other corporate friends started joining her gradually. Her dream to help stray animals for their well-being would be incomplete without her team. She mentioned Dr Rane is a vital part of her team. From day one, he gave them his guidance. 

“Some people don’t like them, but this doesn’t mean that they’ll kill them and behave inhumanly towards these animals. Even they own part of the earth like us,” Kanchan said. She told us about many cases where people cut dogs’ legs or threw acid on an 8-9 months baby, which is very miserable. There are even cases of people driving vehicles over animals. 

Despite all difficulties and the cruelty of society, Kanchan took a stand toward these innocent animals and did a commendable job without any halt. She started collecting funds for their treatments and received support from many people. Furthermore, she also stated that 2-3 donors are donating almost 3 acres of land for these animals so that they will get their deserving shelter. 

In the end, Kanchan only wants to give a message that

As Mahatma Gandhi said, how is our country like or how is our area like is reflected in how the animals of that area are treated. Taking care of animals is also a symbol of humanity; if you don’t love them, it’s fine; please at least take their responsibility.

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