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Wood pecker bird
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Biscuits for Street Dogs: A Recipe for Canine Health and Joy

In the bustling streets and corners of our cities, countless stray dogs navigate a challenging existence. These resilient creatures often struggle to find adequate nutrition, leaving them vulnerable to health issues. Recognizing this, the initiative to provide nutritious biscuits for street dogs has gained traction, offering a sustainable solution to improve their well-being and bring […]

Peacocks Legal to Own in India
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Are Peacocks Legal to Own in India?

Peacocks, with their majestic plumage and graceful demeanor, have long captured the fascination of people worldwide. In India, the question of whether ‘Peacocks Legal to Own in India’ arises among enthusiasts and potential pet owners. Understanding the legalities, restrictions, and guidelines surrounding peacock ownership in India is crucial before considering these splendid birds as pets,

persian cats easy to train
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Are Persian Cats Easy to Train?

Persian cats, renowned for their luxurious coats and captivating personalities, are a popular choice among feline enthusiasts. Their charming appearance and sweet temperament make them beloved companions in countless households. However, when it comes to training, the question often arises: Are Persian cats easy to train? Training any cat, including Persians, requires patience, consistency, and

Long Dog
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How to Find Lost Dog

For a pet parent, nothing hurts more than losing their favorite animal. Since you’re here, it’s likely that you’re experiencing the same suffering and are unsure of what to do next. Dogs are capable of running away and becoming lost. Or your adorable pet might be taken by someone. Or there might be further causes.

Keep Your Pets Calm During Fireworks
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Keep Your Pets Calm During Fireworks with These Tips

Fireworks are a common way of celebrating occasions such as New Year’s Eve , Diwali and other special events. However, this can be challenging for pet owners as fireworks can be distressing for their pets. Pets , especially dogs and cats, have a heightened sense of hearing, and the loud noise from fireworks can cause

Diabetic Cat
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What to Know: Adopting a Diabetic Cat

What Does It Mean When a Cat is Diabetic? A human cat can also suffer from diabetes, considered a severe health issue and a life-threatening problem for your pet.  Diabetics indicate the amount of sugar a cat has in his blood, and he cannot transfer it into the cells, which can increase the sugar level

Keep Your Pet Warm and Active
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Healthy Ways to Keep Your Pet Warm and Active

Wintry weather is right here, and while we’re getting ready for it, we also want to take a few steps to keep our pets warm. During the winter, it’s challenging to stay active while staying warm; much like humans, puppies are only sometimes keen on the cold weather. Your furry pal needs to get some

Vegetables Can Dogs And Cats Eat
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What Vegetables Can Dogs And Cats Eat?

When we consider dogs and cats, we often see their diets predominantly created from meat. Dogs and cats devour flesh; however, they also eat certain greens. As a pet parent, knowing the blessings of a well-rounded weight loss plan is crucial while planning your dog’s meals. The secret is to know which vegetables are appropriate

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